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Why You'll Love These Swimsuits
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No Pads or Liners!

No pads or liners!

Your body is beautiful, why hide it behind bulky, unnatural-looking (not to mention uncomfortable) padding, and liners that bunch up and leave wrinkles all over your body? Our suits are specially designed to accentuate your body's own wonderful shape.

Longer for tall girls

Are you tall, too?

Designed with fashion models and other tall women in mind, our suits are cut longer for a more comfortable fit on the torso.


They're really freaking sexy.

Innovative design and fine Italian fabrics combine to make a marvelous bathing suit experience.

Our suits feature super-cute pewter buckles that proudly proclaim "BITCH". And don't worry, they're heat-resistant so you won't get burned in the sun.

Our Studio

Handmade with Love!

Each suit is handcrafted in our little studio in Miami Beach by the Bitches themselves.

Special requests? No problem!



SkinnyBitch comfortably fits between a size 0 and 6. CurvyBitch up to a size 10 (coming soon). A lot of research went in to finding the perfect suit that fits such a wide range of sizes so comfortably. You won't be disapointed.

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